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At Beecroft Primary School children are both healthy in their bodies and in their minds!

We aim for all children to be engaged and motivated by physical education, whether participating competitively, for self-development or recreationally.  They should be able to adapt to a wide range of skills to help stimulate their mind and strengthen their bodies.

Children need the opportunity to work on their teamwork, resilience, tactical awareness and coordination. At Beecroft Garden our aim is to make sure they are exposed to a variety of different strands that encompass physical education. This includes dance, gymnastics, swimming, athletics and a number of different ball-based games. They should have the opportunity to compete in inter-school tournaments as well as practising and improving their skills and knowledge within school. We will ensure that children showing a particular interest in a sporting activity has access to local clubs so they can continue to participate beyond on the school environment.

 Throughout our curriculum children will:

  • Experience and participate in a wide range of physical activity, covering all the main areas of P.E.
  • Follow a clear progression of skills and understand the purpose of those skills.
  • To be able to wider think about the sports they learn, in terms of tactically and choreography of routines
  • Perform both to their peers and to/against other schools
  • Analyse how they could improve their future performance
  • Learn how physical activity benefits physical and mental health, leading to a healthy lifestyle
  • Complete a two-week intensive swimming programme

What will the children experience during their time at Beecroft Garden?

  • Compete in inter school tournaments
  • Complete little leader training, equipping them with organisational and personable skills for the future
  • Receive visits from inspirational sports people
  • Celebrate achievements in assemblies, including a sports’ assembly at the end of the year
  • Links to local clubs

Full PE curriculum statement 

PE Progression in competitive games