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Beecroft Garden is a centre of excellence for music. Here all children become musicians, developing lifelong love of music by finding what they are good at and what music means to them. All children develop the skills and attitudes needed for good musicianship, to be creative and express themselves by composing, improvising and talking about music.

Our children have enormous fun learning to sing and play instruments, whilst developing the skills and behaviours needed to develop musical minds and physical skills. Through music, children tap into their creativity and learn to express themselves by composing and improvising as well as performing music. At Beecroft we offer opportunities to children to perform both in school and to the wider community. We prepare them well for performances so that they are proud of their achievements, build confidence and self esteem and receive affirmation from peers and family.

Through our curriculum children will:

  • Listen to a range of music from different genres and eras and use musical vocabulary to describe and appraise.
  • Sing regularly in tune with expression
  • Have plenty of hands-on experience with instruments and play a range of instruments musically
  • Compose and improvise in a range of styles
  • Listen respectfully to one another and synchronise as they play/sing together.
  • Collaborate and value their own ideas as they play them.

Children will experience:

  • Performance opportunities for every child every year, as well as many additional opportunities to those who are keen.
  • Regular live performances by professional musicians, with the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Routes into taking music further through instrumental lessons and ensembles.
  • Funding for disadvantaged children wishing to take up instrumental lessons and ensembles.
  • External scholarships for pupils who show exceptional commitment to music and face financial hardship.
  • Opportunities  to participate in a range of musical ensembles after school that perform both in-school to inspire and out-of-school to impress

Full curriculum  statement

This year's music coverage

London is the place for me

Below is an  our uplifting rendition of London Is The Place For Me sung by the each Beecroft class in music for Black History Month. (Instruments were recorded individually and then blended with the singing tracks so it sounds like a virtual singing assembly).


Beecroft Garden Mass Singalong/ Playalong/ Dancealong Through the first lockdown members of our school community danced sang and played to create our very own lockdown musical extravaganza to lift the spirits and bring us together. 



Music Technology

Garageband (for Mac, ipad, iphone) is the app years 4-6 have learnt how to use at school.

Bandlab This is a new free app which is available for Android