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At Beecroft, we see the acquisition of mathematical skills as being vital for the life opportunities of our children. Through providing a rich, wholesome mathematics curriculum, rooted in problem solving and reasoning, we strive to ensure that every child is able to achieve excellence in mathematics. Our concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to the subject will enable a deep, mastery-level understanding. Provided with regular opportunities to make links with maths in the real world and other curriculum areas, children will leave Beecroft knowing how interconnected and fundamental maths is to the world around us. We hope to enthuse our pupils to have a lifelong passion for maths, inspiring every child to think of themselves as true mathematicians. 

At Beecroft Garden we follow the White Rose approach to teaching maths, which structures learning through concrete means - with hands on manipulatives, to pictorial via drawing and then onto abstract methods. 


Throughout our curriculum:

  • Children learn to be fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, developing conceptual knowledge and an ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately
  • We provide enjoyable and engaging tasks that build skills and allow misconceptions to be diagnosed
  • We craft lessons to provide regular opportunities for children to talk mathematically, using accurate mathematical vocabulary and stem sentences to embed mathematical language and recognise its importance as a language for communication and thinking
  • We carefully design lessons to ensure all children access rich, problem solving tasks ensuring that children are able to consolidate their conceptual understanding and apply this to a range of problem solving contexts.
  • Children develop a ‘can do’ attitude and perceive themselves as mathematicians.

What will the children experience during their time at Beecroft Garden?

  • An appreciation of the intrinsic value and fascination of mathematics as well as its usefulness in life
  • Repeated opportunities to use and apply mathematics across the curriculum making explicitly links to maths in science and foundation subjects.
  • Visits to and from individuals and industry about how maths is used in the real world. 
  • Opportunities for greater depth of understanding and challenge in maths, primarily through problem solving and reasoning activities
  • We provide opportunities for reasoning in all lessons, 


More information on the White Rose approach can be found on their website:


Key information

Full maths curriculum statement

White Rose Calculation Policy Addition and Subtraction

White Rose Calculation Policy Multiplication and Division

Mathletics or Timestable Rockstars (KS2).