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MFL: French 

At Beecroft Garden Primary School, our children are global citizens who are aware of and curious about the wider world. Through studying the French language, children in Key Stage 2 are given the opportunity to learn about other cultures, communicate orally, learn to read familiar vocabulary and to express some ideas in writing. By helping children to understand the importance and purpose of learning French, we will lay the foundations for pupils to learn other languages in the future.


French lessons at Beecroft take place weekly in Year 3 to Year 6 and vary in structure. We use Language Angels for lesson resources and have devised our own content overview to ensure progression throughout the key stage. Each vocabulary topic is relatable and relevant to our children’s lives, allowing practice of the language to be purposeful. Regular opportunities are provided to revisit and consolidate learning so that our pupils feel motivated and successful.


Throughout our French curriculum:

  • Phonics, vocabulary and grammar are the three pillars which underpin all language learning
  • Accuracy in pronunciation will be developed so that children can be understood when speaking and reading aloud
  • Opportunities are provided to listen attentively and show understanding by repeating and responding
  • Patterns and sounds will be explored through songs, rhyme and spelling rules
  • Children’s vocabulary will be broadened and their skills of understanding unfamiliar words in known contexts will be developed (such as through using a dictionary)

What will the children experience during their time at Beecroft

  • A classroom environment which feels safe to make errors and attempt unknown pronunciation
  • Opportunities to learn about French-speaking countries and their cultures
  • Opportunities to hear French spoken by native as well as non-native speakers
  • Opportunities to communicate purposefully in French

At school we use the programme Language Angels to structure our MFL learning.

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