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At Beecroft Garden, children receive a design and technology curriculum which encourages them to be creative, logical and practical through the ‘design, make and evaluate’ cycle. The children are taught to produce quality final designs and products, through the iterative design process. Outcome products meet clear design specifications and are purposeful, were appropriate linking to other aspects of the curriculum, for example science, geography and computing.  Skills and technical knowledge are taught progressively ensuring children are able to develop as they move through the school.  Children are encouraged to take risks with their designs, thinking outside of the box and aiming for originality.  Teachers use the Projects on a page schemes of work to plan from.  Links are made with industry, looking at real life careers where DT is used

Our D&T curriculum, allows children to use their knowledge and skills from other subjects in particular, English, Maths, Science and Computing. 

Throughout our D&T curriculum:

  • Children learn to be iterative thinkers,  able to design methodology based on the process of prototyping, testing, evaluating, and refining the product
  • Children experience a range of technology, tools and materials and use these safely and hygienically
  • Children evaluate and investigate a range of already existing, interesting products and think critically about our designs and products made,
  • Children evaluate their peer’s products and give constructive feedback
  • Children are encouraged to think creatively about outcomes
  • Children Learn and apply new vocabulary

What will the children experience during their time at Beecroft?

  • Opportunities to discuss and think about future careers linked to D&T
  • Opportunities to create interesting and creative outcomes with purpose linked to school topics.
  • Opportunities to showcase their work, internally and with the local community.

Click here for our full DT curriculum statement

Design and Technology Coverage

Example of our skills diaries